About Us - What We Do and Don't Do

What We Do

Government officers are limited in what they can and cannot do by statute. Section 17-18-1, Utah Code Annoted , lists the powers, duties, and prohibited activites of county attorneys in the state of Utah.

Criminal Prosecution

The Juab County Attorney's Office has three prosecutors that prosecute crime on behalf of the State of Utah and Juab County. Annually, we prosecute, on average, 200-300 District Court cases, 500-600 Justice Court cases, and 100-200 Juvenile Court cases. For more information about the criminal justice process see the Criminal Justice Process page of this website.

Crime Victim Advocacy

The County Attorney's Office has a Victim's Advocate who works with primary and secondary crime victims to minimize the trauma caused by crime. For more information about the Victim's Advocate, Victim's Rights, and programs that provide aide and comfort to crime victims see the Victim Rights & Services page of this website.

Community Awareness, Crime Prevention, and Safety Programs

The County Attorney 's Office sponsors a r.a.d. KIDS safety program in the elementary schools in Juab County.  For more information about r.a.d. KIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education, see the r.a.d. KIDS  page of this website. 

The County Attorney 's Office also sponsors a R.A.D. (Rape Ag gression Defense) Course for women in Juab County.  For more information about R.A.D. in Juab County or R.A.D. in general , see the RAD for Women page of this website.

What We Don't Do.

The County Attorney represents the State of Utah and Juab County in the prosecution of criminal matters . He does not represent individual residents of Juab County in criminal defense or civil matters.

The County Attorney does not do the following:

  • Bankruptcy law (for example, filing for bankruptcy).
  • Family law (for example, divorces).
  • Landlord-tenant law (for example, evictions).
  • Planning and zoning law (for example, obtaining or objecting to a conditional use permit).
  • Property law (for example, boundary disputes between adjacent land owners).
  • Water law (for example, disputes over water rights).

For links to sites and services in these areas of law, please see the Law Links page of this website.

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